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Call for Technical Paper and Case Studies : The Full paper (within 4000 words) with abstract (within 300 words) to be submitted before 30th October 2013 to the IconSWM Secretariat via e-mail: / For details Text of papers is to be written in English in MS Word format 2003 or 2007, containing the title of paper, references, author/ (s) name, address, phone/mobile, fax, e-mail id etc. as per the template given in website. The acceptance will be sent within 15 days from the date of receipt. Papers will be peer reviewed to ensure high quality & thematic consistency. Accepted and registered full papers will be published in the conference proceedings (CD version) for those who will pay Registration Fees by 15.12.2013.

Duration of presentation : 15 minutes. Selected papers will be ome papers will be published in “International Journal of Sustainable Resource Management” of ISWMAW.
The acceptance of the abstract/ paper will be received by the author within 15 days from the date of receipt of the abstract/ paper by the IconSWM Secretariat. Papers will be peer reviewed to ensure high quality & thematic consistency. Accepted and registered full papers will be published in the proceedings of the IconSWM 2014(CD version). Some selected papers will be published in the journal of International Society of WM, Air and Water. Some reviewed papers may be recommended for submission to related international journals that are in cooperation with IconSWM.
Duration of paper presentation: 15 minutes. Duration of Keynote paper presentation: 25 minutes
Publications and Presentations
Authors are assumed to give consent and authorize the Organiser to publish the abstract and full paper, and to include them in any Conference publications.

All the papers received will be reviewed and selected papers will be published in a special issue of Journal of ISWMAW.

English is the official language and will be adopted in all the publications and presentations.
Important notice
Each accepted paper (oral presentation or poster) should be accompanied by one registration (full or student). Each fully register participant may present up to two papers (oral presentation or poster).

Technical Sessions:
Presentations in general will be in English. Some specified technical sessions will be planned in Indian Regional Languages for which an English translator has to be registered as delegate with the author/s.

The theme of discussion in the Conference
A : Policy and Legal Framework on SWM Sustenance;
B: Treatment Technology, e.g.,Energy Recovery, Composting, Recycling, Innovative waste solutions;
C: Economic Instrument & Financing Methods, International cooperation,
D: AD, Composting, Landfill, Recycling,
E: Best Practices, PPP Models, Case Studies,
F: Institutional Arrangements & Municipal Governance.
G. Sustainable SWM in small cities in India.

Conference topics for papers
  Waste management policies and strategies, Rules.
  International Cooperation on Waste Utilisation.
  Industrial Wastes, Bio-medical Waste, C&D Waste, Hazardous waste.
  Ash Handling & Waste Mngt. in Mines, Railways, Steel Plants, Ports & Airlines.
  Plastics Waste, E-waste, Cattle Waste, Slaughterhouse waste.
  Anaerobic Digestion, Bio-gas Plant, Biomass - Issues & Solution.
  Waste Recycling & Waste treatment.
  Waste-to- energy, Energy recovery and thermal treatment.
  Waste Collection, Segregation, MSW Characteristics, Landfill.
  Composting; Biological, Chemical & Bio chemical treatment.
  Integrated waste management & Employment Generation.
  Technology - Machineries and Equipment.
  Greenhouse gas consideration in sustainable SWM, CDM, Green Economy.
  Public Private Partnership (PPP) for WM, Opportunities to the waste industries.
  Case studies, Best Practices of SWM in ULBs, City Councils.
  Waste Management in Real Estate & High Rise Building.
  Waste Avoidance, Waste Reduction, Reuse and Segregation, 3R.
  Education, training & capacity building-Waste handlers, community.
  Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for SWM.
  Economics & future business potential through Waste Management.
  Fleet Management & GPS in SWM.
  Service Level Bench marking on SWM.
  Best Practices in Small Towns.
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