Theme: Waste Management sustenance by waste reduction & recycling, waste-to-energy & employment generation
The conference will deliberate on various issues related to “integrated waste management” and “sustainable resource management”, “SWM Sustenance” including
Policy and Regulatory Framework on SWM Sustenance & community participation
Waste-to-energy, Technology and Innovative waste solutions
Economic Instrument and Financing Methods INCLUDING GREEN ECONIMY
Best Practices, PPP Models, Case Studies & international cooperation
Authors are cordially invited to submit original and unpublished work on the following areas of interest:
Conference topics for papers
The IconSWM consists of plenary sessions of invited speakers, leaders in waste management field, followed by parallel sessions. Conference topics for papers as follows:
Waste management policies and strategies, Rules and international cooperation
Municipal Solid Wastes composition and Waste characterization
Waste Recycling
Waste-to- energy, Energy recovery and thermal treatment
Customized Waste management solution for East & North eastern India
Industrial Waste, Bio-medical, Household & Construction Waste
Plastics Waste, E-waste, Cattle Waste, Slaughterhouse waste
Primary & Secondary collection and segregation
Transfer Station and Landfill, Regional & shared landfill
Composting & biological treatment, Chemical & Bio chemical treatment
Integrated waste management & Employment Generation
Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for SWM
CDM, Green Economy – opportunities to the waste industries
Public Private Partnership (PPP) for waste management
Case studies, Best Practices of SWM in ULBs, City Councils
Technology - Machineries and equipment
Greenhouse gas consideration in sustainable solid waste management
Education & training for waste management industry and community
Waste Management in Real Estate
Waste Avoidance, Waste reduction, reuse and segregation
Economics & future business potential through Waste Management
Accomodation & Travel
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